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Zero Trust Journey

Here’re a few key-reasons why your Privilege Access
Management and Digital Security is in safe hands with us:

Step 1

Trust user identity

We start by strongly validating the user to ensure that whoever is accessing is really a legitimate user.

Step 2

Enforce security policies

We then cross reference actions the user wants to take within the system against the security policies pre-established by the company, still making possible to request approval for more sensitive accesses.

Step 3

Validate target identity

Time to make validations on the access destination to ensure that the user is accessing an authentic resource, thus avoiding phishing and malware attacks.

Step 4

Secure user or application access

The next step is to deliver the duly authenticated access to the user, guaranteed that they’re accessing a resource securely — without even knowing the passwords of that resource.



“The data left the building”, traditional security tools (firewall, antivirus, etc.) were created to protect data within a perimeter, inside the company’s data center. But physical perimeters no longer exist in today’s companies, we live in the moment of “borderless companies”, where everything is digital, the data no longer resides in a single place.

VaultOne protects your data beyond perimeters, preventing attacks where the data is most vulnerable: accounts and access. According to Gartner, credentials and accesses represent 81% of security breaches — the moment where the data is most exposed is exactly where we make our move.

Our vision from day one is that this need, which was previously restricted to very large companies, would at some point be the need of all companies. This moment has arrived.

So to solve these problems, for companies of all sizes and areas, we’ve come up with a unique and modern product, one that every company out there needs; all that with the fastest implementation and learning curve you’ve ever seen.

How We Compare

VaultOne is a next-generation security solution that addresses security issues from different domains (Password Manager, Secure Access, PAM, Identity Management) as a single, integrated and sleek solution, perfect for SMBs and those wishing to increase the cyber security in the organization.

At VaultOne, we strive for simplicity and offer you responsive and helpful technical support.

Features Password Managers IAM, PIM, PAM VaultOne
Store, manage and share passwords
Store, manage and share keys
Access applications, servers, databases, and websites
API integration
Fast implementation
Multilingual interface and support
Secure chat system to request access and credentials
Access internal applications (VPN)

VaultOne Benefits

Build for the cloud

Fast deployment

Easy to use

Excellent customer support


“Really comprehensive tool with different possible uses. Excellent support. Stable and useful. I totally recommend it. The VaultOne team is always ready to receive suggestions and add new features. ”

– Rodrigo Jorge – Neoway

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